What We Offer?
  • Banskati Rice
  • Minikit Rice
  • Ratna Rice
  • IR 36 Rice
  • Swarna Rice
  • Gobindo bhog Rice
  • Puff Rice
  • Lalat Rice
  • Raw Swarna Rice
  • Sanam Rice
  • Laghu Rice
  • Lalat Puffed Rice
  • BN20 Rice

Quality Rice, Healthy Life
of every individual's health, the rice we offer is never of low quality. Our quality analyzing team tests the rice on varied parameters before selling it to the consumer or the bulk buyer. This quality test helps in knowing the purity, granule size, taste, juiciness, organic nature, shelf life etc., of the rice because of which are able to match up with the ISO 9001:2008 standards.

Packaging and Warehouse Departments
In moisture free and air tight packaging pouches and sacks of different capacity the rice is packed and stored. It is important to keep the food crops away from moisture, pests, insects etc., so that the quality is not affected. Our storeroom is equipped with all these facilities and security solution that are required to keep the stock safely.